About Us

EP MFG is a collective of nice people. We print and distribute letterpress cards for a variety of independent design brands. Our mission is to make people feel good, and encourage them to make others feel good too.

We like to think of ourselves as ‘thoughtful as hell’ -- with a commitment to craft, sustainable manufacturing, and putting people first in all that we do.


Here’s what you get when you work with us:


Really Good Letterpress


We do letterpress the traditional way: by hand, with artistry and attention to craftsmanship. Every card we manufacture is exceptionally made. 


High Volume 


With well over half a million cards going out the door each year, we offer quality and quantity at a speed not typically associated with the “snail mail” we produce.


Sustainable Manufacturing


We make responsibly. From what we use, to how we use it, and constantly looking for ways to use less.